Disclosure under the privacy law
The supplier of products on the site is the Pharmacy Fiorentini dr. Carlo Fiorentini dr. Giovanni – Via Armando Diaz 13/d – 25121 Brescia. (henceforth abbreviated as FFdrC)

FFdrC, in conformity with the effects of D. Lgs. 30 June 2003, n. 196 communicates to its customers that personal data supplied by them at the time of signing of the purchase and/or completion of the invoice is not consented as collected and held only in accordance with the fiscal/tax provided by laws, regulations and legislation and in any case, the sole purpose of enabling the exact consecutive obligations under the purchase contract of which party is the client and/or the acquisition of the necessary contractual information always and only activated on request.

FFdrC states that the above mentioned data, within the limits of the received permissions, could also be used to send commercial information.