Farmacia Fiorentini dott. Carlo moved to the present location on december 1971, keeping up a successful business started in 1948. Through the years, we’ve specialized for the wide products availability and for the very short minimum waiting time that it takes us to order any item. We can manage to provide a drug in about 4 hours, taking advantage of 4 daily deliveries from our suppliers. For those drugs not available in Brescia, we guarantee speed using fast carriers. We were one of the first pharmacies in Brescia to be equipped with a homeopathic department and that today supplies over 15 brands to doctors and patients.

inside view of the pharmacy

inside view of the pharmacy

We used to believe, and still do, in compoundings and galenical preparations and it sure is true to say that we’re among the leaders in this field.

About the relationship with the doctor

We believe it to be basic, since we also believe that the doctor and the patients are the key players within the medical panorama. The right collaboration, each acting within its powers, can only be a benefit to the patient that will re-establish his health condition. Doctors have access to our whole supply of medicines, drug counseling, pharmacotherapy and the ability to set up custom therapies, generic and orphan medicines with us.

About the relationship with the patient

It’s not of secondary importance. The patient needs to know, to be informed, to be able to make questions and receive answers. For these reasons we have developed several services: from pression measuring to first instance auto analisys, from healty galenicals to cosmetics without preservatives. in the future we aim to organize our pharmacy so that our relationship with the patient will be more discreet trying, even in moments of great affluence, to ensure the adequate confidentiality level, a must when it comes to health problems.